Benefit Communication and Administration Tools

Your benefit plan is a big part of your overall business strategy. But your plan is only as good as how well your employees understand it and have access to all your offer.

SB&K Benefits LLC is your partner in developing a strategy to help you communicate your employee benefit plan and handle the administration that goes along with it.

We work with several different Payroll, HR and Administration partners so we can find the best fit for your organization.

There are many approaches to this challenge. The solution can be as simple as a custom handout that summarizes your plans and cost, along with a custom enrollment form and supporting carrier information. SB&K Benefits LLC can design these for you as part of our services.

However, to create a more robust, integrated, seamless, and paperless experience for you and your employees, we also offer guidance on Payroll, HR, and Administration solutions that leverage the latest technology:

  • Personalized onboarding – new employees can complete paperwork, IT can get them set up in the system, and you can provide a streamlined onboarding experience to welcome your new hires.
  • Online Enrollment tools – employees can review benefits and enroll online. No more paper, missing information, or illegible writing. Employees can review their options and make benefit elections from any device.
  • EDI/API data feeds to your insurance companies (availability depends upon insurance company used) – employee enrollments are automatically reported to the insurance companies when an employee completes their online enrollment. And when and employee leaves your organization, the system can notify the carrier and implement any required employee notices.
  • Timekeeping, Time off requests, training trackers, and more – give your employees the tools to easily request time off, and give your managers tools to help your employees track certifications, training requirements, etc.
  • Backend Reporting – the system provides valuable reports that we can use to help you review your plan’s success and make adjustments where needed.
  • And many more customizable solutions.

Here is a video from one of the partners we work with, showing you what is possible with Benefit Communication and Administration tools:

iSolved Adaptive Employee User Interface: