Church Plans and Religious Organizations

At SB&K Benefits, LLC, we believe in supporting those ministries and organizations who are devoted to helping people live a Christ-centered life.

Who we serve: Our specialized Church Plan partners can accommodate like-minded groups of all sizes, from 2 covered employees or more.

Organizations that we help include:

  • Churches
  • Ministries
  • Christian Schools
  • Christian Colleges and Universities
  • Mission-Sending Organizations
  • Seminaries
  • Family Service Providers
  • Christian Camps

Using a Church Plan allows for unique benefits:

  • Biblical Values – Maintain your ministry‚Äôs biblical beliefs of life and family through an aligned plan design.
  • Benefit-Rich Plans – Gain access to group coverage (rich benefits, broad network, etc.) for as few as two participating employees.

What is a Church Plan, and how can it benefit my ministry?

A church health plan is established and maintained by a church, a convention or an association of churches. A church health plan is originally chartered by a religious denomination (i.e. the Southern Baptist Convention) that has expanded to offer coverage to the wider evangelical community.

What are the advantages to a Church plan?

  1. Church plans can be a lower-cost option.
  2. The plans provide smaller churches with access to group health coverage.
  3. They are created specifically for churches and ministries.
  4. Many church plans are self-funded, allowing groups to reap the benefits of self-funding without assuming the risks.
  5. Church plans have greater flexibility in calculating rates.
  6. These plans reflect biblical values regarding the sanctity of life.