Why choose SB&K Benefits L.L.C.

At SB&K Benefits L.L.C., we realize that your employee benefit package is a vital part of your overall business philosophy. We help you create, implement, communicate, and manage your employee benefit programs.

Here is why you will have a successful outcome working with us:

1. We specialize in employee benefit plans. You will have access to our 20+ years experience working with business owners and for insurance carriers, so we will help you know the business inside and out.

2. We are buyer’s consultants who are not tied to any one insurance company. Our job is to learn about your business and use our knowledge of plan design and insurance carriers to help you create a plan that fits your situation.

3. We follow a strategic planning process providing you with a plan of action and a timeline to meet your goals. Circumstances, laws, and products are ever-changing, so we meet with you throughout the year to review, inform, and plan for the upcoming year.

4. We are good at what we do. Our track record proves this and we are commitmed to forming a partnership with you.

We help you protect your assets and family from medical and financial hardships.  Our business helps you in times of need and helps you plan for the future, and we will always remember that.